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From the start, CTI Access® is here to support you throughout treatment with VONJO.

Call CTI Access® at
888-CTI-FOR-U (888-284-3678)

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A patient discussing the patient assistance program for VONJO

Every day that you’re on VONJO, CTI Access® is here for you.

From your first VONJO dose and throughout treatment, your CTI Access® team is focused on helping you start on track and stay on track. Ask your doctor about support available to you throughout your treatment with VONJO.

Getting VONJO as quickly as possible

Even if there are issues with coverage, our team will help you find ways to receive treatment while you wait for those issues to be resolved.

Helping you find affordable access

The Patient Assistance Program offers VONJO for free to eligible patients who either have no prescription insurance, no coverage for VONJO, or no ability to afford the co-pay for VONJO. Ask your doctor if you may be eligible.

Assisting with your healthcare expenses

CTI Access® is here to help and will connect you with assistance for all insurance types, which includes:

  • Co-pay assistance for eligible patients with commercial or private insurance
  • Alternative assistance for non-commercial insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid

If you have questions about CTI Access®, call 888-CTI-FOR-U (888-284-3678), 8 AM-8 PM, Monday through Friday.